May Everyday Remain BLISS
A moment of happiness with MERBLISS
We understand the greatness of small daily happiness in life and how cherishable they can be.
Every moment from the sweetness of a short break, mind healing from a short voyage, and a short time of your own,
we want to be there with you at all.

MERBLISS is abbreviation
for May Everyday Remain BLISS.
It means that "A moment of happiness with MERBLISS".

MERBLISS wants women to remember blissful time every moment.
Why MERBLISS focus on
Wedding Dress?
When would be the happiest moment for a woman in her life?
believes that the happiest moment for a woman
in her life would be on her wedding day.

Even though a wedding ceremony only lasts few hours, bliss moments during the course of prepare.

The most important day of woman's life,
the day for a woman to shine, MERBLISS wants to be there with you.

MERBLISS philosophy
How much do you think about
becoming beautiful?
While you are busy with daily work
and not thinking about becoming beauiful,
another you is keeping the beauty that's inside of you.
MERBLISS is always there for you
to help you find your true beauty.

MERBLISS 'May Everyday Remain "BLISS"'
It is the dream of every woman that sh wants to be a gorgeous
and pretty bride on a wedding day once in her life.

We designed our brand products
for the most beatiful day of a woman's life.

Our goal is to make the wedding come to mind
when you think about MERBLISS.
MERBLISS is at the center of K-Beauty
that is spreading all over the world.